bhrigu samhitabhrigu samhita

The samhits (the handwritten leaves of the great Lord) covers all important aspects of one's life. The predictions and prophecies in the book Bhrigu Samhita are a synthesis of astrology and ancient Indian system of Mantra, Tantra, Prayers Penance meditation and Yoga. In certain case the Samhita also provides diagnosis of diseases along with their remedies. It is a miracle that exceeds all powers of imagination. The best way is only to experience one self. It for this reason that Lord Krishna Proclaimed in Gita, the Song Divine, "Of Maharishis, I am Bhrigu and again so "Among the wise, I am Shukracharya". Lord Vasistha told Rama that both the Rishi's were "living liberated guides of men by their knowledge of all that was to be known". Such was the preeminence of the Maharishi that it was he who was authorized to test all the three gods (Brahama, Vishnu & Mahesh) on behalf of all the enlightened Souls who had gathered on the banks of River Ganges for the purpose and it was because of his Testimony that Lord Shri Hari was accepted as the highest Laod. Shri Hari accepted Shri Bhrigu's Lotus feet called (Shri Vatsa) on his chest as a token of recpect for the Pre-eminance of the Rishi.

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