bhrigu samhitabhrigu samhita

In Ancient India the sage Shri Bhigu Ji who was called a Maharishi, reflected upon human affairs to guide future generations of mankind on a path of rightousness (Dharma) and bliss (Moksha). The sage had deep and profound insight in to the past, present and future of our collective as well as individual existence with the help of divine powers. The sage Shri Bhrigu Ji out of compassion for mankind gave revelation to human beings so that they could cope up with the problems and pressures of the world and move towards spiritual nature of their beings. Shri Bhrigu Ji gave revelations and wrote predictions for only those persons whom he could foresee as the ones who would seek his refuse and consult him in ages to come.

The sage Shri Bhrigu Ji was considered as one fo the most ancient seven sages (Sapta Rishi) of India who were entrusted with the task of maintaining righteousness on earth. He was a seer an enlightened Soul, who could transcend time in respect of past, present and future and make predictions to guide human beings for their own welfare. The original predictions were written on palm leaves. Later on they were handed down from generation to generation in different forms. The best method to Identify one's own reading in these manuscript relevant to one self is to tally them with details of horoscope. But in certain cases even the necessity of horoscope is dispensed with and depending up on the intensity of the faith of the one who seek advice, one can have predictions without the horoscope. Everything is written in a dialogue form. The dialogue is between the sage Shri Bhrigu Ji and his disciple the sage Shri Shukra Ji. Both of them are engaged in discussion about the welfare of those who would seek their audience.The sage also refers to specific problems and prescribes prayers and other remedies to surmount those problems. If these prayers and remedies are performed carefully and with devotion, the individual concerned is freed from the sins of the past lives. The sage then assures the fulfillment of the predictions of the prophecies made by him.

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